Fossehill livery stabling charges

Charges are valid for the academic year 2019/20. Prices will be reviewed on an annual basis and may increase in line with inflation.

Autumn/Winter (October - mid April) DIY

All inclusive - shavings£65/weekIncludes stable, 2 bales of shavings, 5 hay or 7 haylage slices
All inclusive - straw£55/weekIncludes stable, 3 slices of straw, 5 hay or 7 haylage slices

Spring/Summer (mid April - September) DIY

Stable per week£30/weekForage and bedding extra
Multiple stables (4 or more) per week£25/weekForage and bedding extra

Other charges

Field rent£22/weekLimited availablity
Polo overwintering£30/weekLimited availablity
Trailer/lorry parking£5.00+VAT/week 




Straw£1.10  + VAT£30 + VAT
Shavings per bag£5.75 + VATNote: £5.50 + VAT is applicable to bulk buy shavings (stack of 49)

Livery charges

£/horse per day

Full livery per day£11.50 + VAT
Turn out with muck out£8.00 + VAT
Turn out/bring in with rug change£4.00 + VAT
Check and poo pick field£8.00 + VAT


Deposit for stables£25.00(Refundable on full payment of all outstanding invoices on leaving, or offset against final forage charges if less than £25.00)