Fossehill livery stabling charges

Charges are valid for the academic year 2020/21. Prices will be reviewed on an annual basis and may increase in line with inflation.

Autumn/Winter (October - mid April) DIY

All inclusive - shavings£65/weekIncludes stable, 2 bales of shavings, 5 hay or 7 haylage slices
All inclusive - straw£55/weekIncludes stable, 3 slices of straw, 5 hay or 7 haylage slices

Spring/Summer (mid April - September) DIY

Stable per week£30/weekForage and bedding extra
Multiple stables (4 or more) per week£25/weekForage and bedding extra

Other charges

Field rent£22/weekLimited availablity
Polo overwintering£30/weekLimited availablity
Trailer/lorry parking£5.00+VAT/week 




Straw£1.10  + VAT£30.00 + VAT
Shavings per bag£5.75 + VATNote: £5.50 + VAT is applicable to bulk buy shavings (stack of 49)

Livery charges*

£/horse per day

Full livery per day£11.50 + VAT
Turn out with muck out£8.00 + VAT
Turn out/bring in (no rug change) £3.00 + VAT
Turn out/bring in with rug change/wash legs£4.00 + VAT
Rug change £2.00 + VAT
Feed prepared evening feed/hay £2.00 + VAT
Check and poo pick field£8.00 + VAT

New for September 2020

£/horse per week

Study package (full care of your horse from Monday to Friday, and DIY on weekends)£100.00
Weekender package (DIY Monday to Friday, full care Saturday and Sunday)£85.00
Full livery (including all feed and bedding, non-ridden)£125.00 (limited availability)


Deposit for stables£25.00(Refundable on full payment of all outstanding invoices on leaving, or offset against final forage charges if less than £25.00)

*All horses are to be turned out by 9.00am. If horses are not out by then, they will be turned out by yard staff. If horses are left in incorrect rug e.g. found to be sweating in a rug on a hot day – yard staff will remove rug. You will be charged accordingly for these services.

New services for September 2020

Alongside standard DIY we are now offering a range of new packages including:

  • A Monday to Friday ‘Study Package’ featuring full care of your horse when University life is busiest during the week
  • A ‘Weekender Package’ which will enable to you travel home leaving us to look after your horse from Friday evening to Monday morning
  • A limited number of Full Livery slots

These packages will represent better value for money than DIY plus pay-as-you-go extra services.