Module: Equine Grassland Management

Module details

  • Module code

  • Module leader

    Simon Daniels
  • Module Level

  • Module credits

  • Min study time

    150 hours
  • Contact hrs

    20 hours

Module content

Application of equine specific knowledge and skills onto a basis of agricultural grassland production: grass evaluation and establishment; grazing systems; winter forage; forage and nutrient availability for a monogastric hind gut fermenter; sporting use. Equine grazing behaviour under feral and domesticated situations. Paddock boundaries.

Module outcomes

To achieve credit for this module, students must be able to:

  1. Demonstrate a systematic knowledge of grasses, forage legumes, noxious weeds, and show a critical awareness of their relevance to the equine industry.
  2. Describe and evaluate the techniques employed for the establishment and management of pastures and equine sports surfaces.
  3. Analyse the processes used for producing conserved forages and select and justify forages for different equine enterprises.
  4. Recognise the techniques necessary to maintain sward and equine health as swards are affected by equine grazing behaviour.


Assessment Description Weighting
Coursework Synthesis paper 50%
Examination Unseen exam (2 hours) 50%

Assessments may differ in 2020/21 due to adjustments for Covid-19. Please check Gateway for the latest regulations.

Key texts

Students should be familiar with the content of at least one of the following (and recent scientific journal publications relating to equine grassland management):

  • Bax, J. and Lane, G. (2004). Equine Forages and Grassland Management. In Emerging Equine Science. p.133-143. Nottingham University Press.
  • Frape, D. (2010). Equine Nutrition and Feeding. (4th edition). Blackwell Publishing.
  • Moore-Colyer, M. and Longland, A. (2004). Exploiting Dietary Fibre in Equid Diets. In Emerging Equine Science. p.113-129. Nottingham University Press. O’Beirne-Ranelagh, E. (2005). Managing Grass for Horses. J.A. Allen Ltd.
  • Saastamoinen, M., Fradinho, M.J., Santos, A.S. and Miraglia, N. (ed.) (2012). Forages and Grazing in Horse Nutrition. Wageningen Academic. (EAAP Publication, 132).