Module: Researching Business, Management and Entrepreneurship

Module details

  • Module code

  • Module leader

    Darcy Murphy
  • Module Level

  • Module credits

  • Min study time

    75 hours
  • Contact hrs

    15 hours

Module content

This module introduces students to the basic principles of research methods in the areas of business, management and entrepreneurship. The module is therefore preparation for level 6 research enquiry modules (e.g. 3066) undertaken in the final year of a programme. All of the students studying this module will go on to complete a period of work placement in their second year. Work placements are an opportunity for students to gain work place skills and experience, and therefore add to their employability. Moreover, work placements can also be a source of ideas for research enquiry and potentially an opportunity for students to gather research relevant data. This module prepares students to take full advantage of any research opportunity that their work placement may provide. It also prepares students for the different processes in research enquiry that is needed to complete a dissertation.  

Module outcomes

To achieve credit for this module, students must be able to:

  1. Know how to select a research approach (or methodology) that is suitable for the chosen research topic
  2. Produce an appropriate research plan for a specific business, management, organisational or entrepreneurial research topic.


Assessment Description Weighting
Coursework Research plan proposal (1000 words) 100%

Assessments may differ in 2020/21 due to adjustments for Covid-19. Please check Gateway for the latest regulations.

Key texts

Students should be familiar with the content of at least one of the following:

  • Aurini, J.D., Heath, M and Howells, S. 2016. The How to of Qualitative Research: Strategies for Executing High Quality Projects. SAGE.
  • Collis, J. and Hussey, R. (2009) Business Research: a practical guide for undergraduate and postgraduate students. 4th edn. Palgrave Macmillan.
  • Hewson, C., Yule, P. Laurent, D. and Vogel, C. 2016. Internet research methods: A practical guide for the behavioural and social sciences. 2nd ed. SAGE
  • Saunders, M., Lewis, P. and Thornhill, A. (2012) Research methods for business students. 6th edn. Pearson

Supporting texts

  • Bryman, A. and Bell, E., 2015. Business research methods. 4th ed. Oxford University Press.
  • Creswell, J.W., 2014. Research design: qualitative, quantitative and mixed method approaches. 4th ed. Sage Publications.
  • Dawson, C. (2009) Introduction to research methods: a practical guide for anyone undertaking a research project, 4th edn. How to books.
  • Easterby-Smith, M., Thorpe, R. and Jackson, P. (2012). Management Research.  4th ed. SAGE.
  • Field, A., 2016. An Adventure in Statistics: The Reality Enigma. SAGE.