Module:Sustainable Management of Soil and Water

Module details

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  • Module leader

    Dr Felicity Crotty
  • Module Level

  • Module credits

  • Min study time

    150 hours
  • Contact hrs

    36 hours

Module content

Recognition of soil types; management of physical issues including structure, organic content, erosion control etc; management of nutrient supply including fertiliser and organic materials. Control of contamination and pollution (PTEs, sewage sludge and industrial amendments).

Soil-water interactions; crop requirements, irrigation and drainage. Water supply, collection techniques, water conservation measures (mulches, etc.); risk and avoidance of salinization and sodicity.

Sustainability of soil resource use. Evaluation of farming systems [organic, integrated, conventional], proposed protection strategies and risk posed by climate change.

Module outcomes

To achieve credit for this module, students must be able to:

  1. Review and critically evaluate the fundamentals of pedology and hydrology as they apply to sustainable resource management.
  2. Demonstrate understanding of the sustainability of systems for managing the soil resource.
  3. Critique and discuss water resource use within the environment.


Assessment Description Weighting
Essay Individual Essay (3000 wds) in the style of a scientific communication to address one of six given questions relating to sustainable management 100%

Assessments may differ in 2021/22 due to adjustments for Covid-19. Please check Gateway for the latest regulations.