Module: Practice Management

Module details

  • Module code

  • Module leader

    Nick Millard
  • Module Level

  • Module credits

  • Min study time

    150 hours
  • Contact hrs

    44 hours

Module content

This module is delivered in three major units:

  1. Traditional and contemporary management approaches and strategies: adapting these methods to enable proficient practice management in a chartered surveying practice.
  2. Setting objectives: how to manage resources to achieve personal and corporate development, i.e. core values, professional ethics and conduct, development of trust and professional and technical skills development.
  3. Analysis of core operational issues and resources in a surveying practice: People; administration; marketing a practice; growing a real estate business; complying with legislation and regulation.

Module outcomes

To achieve credit for this module, students must be able to:

  1. Understand the requirements embedded within practice planning to enable a business plan to be developed for a chartered surveying practice
  2. Critically analyse  the requirements of client relationship management in the context of a property surveying practice
  3. Evaluate the financial performance of an existing surveying firm and understand how to audit the external and internal variables of that practice.
  4. Understand the impact of legislation and regulation on a surveying practice.
  5. Analyse core operational resources, including, people; administration; marketing; property, finance and capital


Assessment Description Weighting
Coursework Business plan report (3000 words) 100%

Assessments may differ in 2020/21 due to adjustments for Covid-19. Please check Gateway for the latest regulations.

Key texts

Students should be familiar with the content of the following:

  • RICS (2010) Practice management guidelines 3rd ed. RICS London [available on module page of Gateway]
  • Elliott C. & Quinn F. (2013) Tort Law 99h ed. Pearson Education.[E-book]
  • Elliott C. and Quin, F.(2011) English Legal System 12th ed. Longman
  • Forsyth, P., (1999) Marketing Professional Services: Practical Approaches to Practice Management (2nd ed.), Kogan Page, London.
  • Frey, D. (2003) The UK small business marketing bible Cobweb Information.
  • Greenhalgh, B. (ed.), (1997) Practice Management for Land, Construction and Property Professionals, E & FN Spon, London.
  • Keenan D, & Riches S, (2013) Business law 11th ed. Pearson Education
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  • Imber, A. (2005) Business Skills for General Practice Surveyors, EG Books
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  • Upex R. & Bennett G. (2008) Davies on Contract 10th ed. Sweet & Maxwell.


  • Corporate Governance: An International Review
  • Global Strategy Journal
  • Harvard Business Review (hard copy in the RAU library)
  • Strategic Management Journal


  • Business Source Elite: full text from the world's top management and marketing journals including Business Week, Forbes, Harvard Business Review, MIT Sloan Management Review, Academy of Management Journal, Academy of Management Review, Journal of Management Studies, Journal of Marketing Management, Journal of Marketing Research (JMR), etc.