Module:Consumer Behaviour

Module details

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  • Module leader

    Dr Beverley Hill
  • Module Level

  • Module credits

  • Min study time

    150 hours
  • Contact hrs

    36 hours

Module content

Consumer behaviour researches and analyses individuals, groups, and organizations and all activities associated with the purchasing, consumption and disposal of goods and services. In this module, students learn about the multifaceted nature of consumer behaviour, its relevance to marketing decision-making and its impact on society. You will explore contemporary understandings of consumption and markets and recognise the different approaches to understanding behaviour.

Module outcomes

To achieve credit for this module, students must be able to:

  1. Evaluate how consumers as individuals and groups behave throughout the consumption process.
  2. Analyse how consumer behaviour can affect marketing decisions made by businesses and organisations.
  3. Critique the consumption processes in classroom activities and within assessments.


Assessment Description Weighting
Coursework Essay (3000 words) 100%

Assessments may differ in 2021/22 due to adjustments for Covid-19. Please check Gateway for the latest regulations.