Module: Environmental and Woodland Management

Module details

  • Module code

  • Module leader

    David Lewis
  • Module Level

  • Module credits

  • Min study time

    150 hours
  • Contact hrs

    45 hours
  • Teaching Period

    Semester 1

Module content

Farmland and woodland habitats and their importance to biodiversity and the wider environment. Introduction to ecological principles, and the implementation of rural policies, including the Common Agricultural Policy, agri-environmental and other measures, to provide environmental management practices. The agencies and organisations involved in delivering the land management policy framework, with an emphasis on environmental and woodland priorities. Environmental protection, impact, assessment and audit.

Forest policy and forestry as a rural land use. Tree identification and the silvicultural characteristics of the main species used in “commercial” and “amenity” forestry. New planting and restocking. Management for timber, habitat, landscape and sporting objectives. Harvesting and marketing of timber. Woodland grant schemes and the economics of woodland management. 

Module outcomes

To achieve credit for this module, students must be able to:

  1. Demonstrate a critical awareness of the role and importance of farmland and woodland habitats in delivering biodiversity.
  2. Demonstrate a systematic understanding of the policy framework mechanisms for delivery and implementation of environmental measures.
  3. Demonstrate a systematic understanding of the issues required for environmental protection, impact assessment and audit.
  4. Assess and evaluate both timber and non-timber values of different woodland.
  5. Prepare and implement management plans appropriate to the owner and types of woodland.
  6. Assess and evaluate the financial performance of woodlands. 


Assessment Description Weighting
Coursework 1 x professional body report 50%
Examination 1 x 3 hour unseen exam 50%

Key texts

Students should be familiar with the following:

Andrews, J. and Rebane, M. (1994) Farming and Wildlife: A Practical Management Handbook. RSPB

Forestry Commission (1988) Thinning Control: Field Book 2. HMSO

Hart, C. (1991) Practical Forestry for the Agent and Surveyor. 3rd ed. Alan Sutton Publishing Ltd

Kerr, G. and Haufe, J. (2011) Thinning Practice – A Silvicultural Guide. Forestry Commission

Starr, C. (2013) Woodland Management - A Practical Guide.  Crowood Press