Dr Allan Butler

Senior Lecturer in Economics
Allan Butler


Senior Lecturer in Economics

Contact details


Tel: 01285 652531


University responsibilities

  • Senior lecturer

Allan is an experienced economist and researcher. Intellectually, he is interested in understanding how complexity theory influences economic thought. Beyond economics, Allan worked as an academic researcher at the University of Exeter and Scottish Rural College for over 15 years. His research interests include complexity economics; research methodology and methods; economic interactions in socio-ecological systems; international trade networks; and environmental, agricultural, and rural policy. 

Membership and affiliations:

  • Honorary Research Associate of Centre for Rural Policy Research, University of Exeter.
  • Executive committee member of the Agricultural Economics Society
  • Member of the European Association of Agricultural Economists (EAAE)
  • Member of the International Society for Ecological Economics
  • Member of University Ethics Review Committee


Current projects

  • Creation of epistemic communities in innovating for agri-environmental policies in England (with Janet Dwyer, CCRI, the University of Gloucestershire; and Shobayashi Mikitaro, Gakushuin Women's College, Japan.
  • Molland Moor Project (with Janet Dwyer, CCRI, the University of Gloucestershire, funded by the Heather Trust).
  • Economic evaluation of pheasant shooting on Exmoor, funded byGESA.
  • Bathurst Estate Study, funded Bathurst Estate.

Current research

  • Application of real-world economics to agriculture
  • Understanding economic complexity and uncertainty in agricultural systems
  • Networks, knowledge and economic activity
  • Agent-based modelling of agricultural economic problems

Previous research

  • UK Agricultural Machinery Demand Projections (Agricultural Engineers Association)
  • Economic modelling of GHGs mitigation
  • Economics and public perception of anaerobic digestion
  • Economics of bovine tuberculosis (bTB)
  • Modelling the impacts on farmers of common agricultural policies
  • Organic farming markets
  • Social and economic impacts of agricultural restructuring
  • Social network analysis of farming and entrepreneurial businesses
  • Sustainable hill farming


Journal articles

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Conference Papers

Butler, A. (2017). Identifying emergent patterns in EU-intra trade of animals and meat products post-Brexit, Presentation for the RGS-IBG 2017 Conference, 29 August to 1st September, 2017, Royal Geographical Society, London.

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Contributions to edited books

Hobbs, P.J., Butler, A.J. (2014). On the sustainability of small farm scale agricultural anaerobic digesters. In Biomethane Production by Anaerobic Digestion: Using Agricultural Biomass and Organic Waste, Korres, N., West, J. (Eds.), Earthscan, London.

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