Dr David Bozward


I provide strategic and academic leadership as well as, developing the highest quality of Teaching, Research and Enterprise.  As a member of the Academic Board, I am directly involved in the development and implementation of the University's academic strategic plan.  Over the last decade I have gained considerable experience in higher education developing enterprising graduates, young business leaders and entrepreneurs across a wide number of institutes. 

As a serial technology entrepreneur, educator, mentor and authority on international youth entrepreneurship with over 20 years entrepreneurial business experience, I bring a wide range of leading-edge practical industry centred experience to my work at the Royal Agricultural University, providing both a theoretically informed and practice led approach to entrepreneurship education. 

My main research interests lie in the broad fields of entrepreneurship education, new venture creation, entrepreneurial ecosystems and business growth. I lead a number of cross faculty strategic development projects such as: international collaborations, enterprise education partnerships and consultancy which support my research. 

In 2016, I was invited to be member of Maserati 100 the top 100 individuals in the UK actively supporting the next generation of future entrepreneurs and was awarded a lifetime fellowship of the Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs.


Research areas:

  • Traits of an entrepreneurial network
  •  Economic impact of entrepreneurial networks
  •  Entrepreneurial skills requirement of SME’s


Teaching areas:

  • Entrepreneur in action
  • Being enterprising
  • Entrepreneurship, intrapreneurship and enterprise development
  • Entrepreneurship opportunity in action
  • Entrepreneurship


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