Dr Matthew Rogers-Draycott


I’m a lecturer in Entrepreneurship here at the RAU, I am also the Programme Manager for our BSc programmes: International Business Management, Agri-Food Business Management, and Rural Enterprise and Entrepreneurship.

Over the last 16 years I’ve worked internationally as an entrepreneurship educator and course leader in a wide variety of institutions. Through this work I have focused my practice on the delivery of immersive learning experiences focused on the creation and growth of ventures. In addition to this I have started and grown my own companies, mentored numerous businesses and develop programmes to support both social and educational mobility through entrepreneurial practice. At the RAU I bring this experience to bear on a number of courses to encourage our students to act entrepreneurially as a strategy to succeed in a rapidly changing economy.

My research interests lie in two distinct areas: the role of the family and their influence on the practice of entrepreneurship and the design, delivery and impact of entrepreneurial education programmes, particularly those that focus on the creation of new ventures.


Research areas:

  • Enterprise Education
  • Impact of Family Businesses
  • Venture Creation Programmes


Teaching areas:

  • Entrepreneur in action
  • Being enterprising
  • Entrepreneurship, intrapreneurship and enterprise development
  • Entrepreneurship opportunity in action
  • Rural Business Diversification
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Business Development
  • Delivering Growth through Entrepreneurship and Innovation


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