Dr Rhiannon Naylor

Senior Lecturer in Rural Land Use and Management


Senior Lecturer in Rural Land Use and Management


BA (Winchester), MSc (RAC), PGCHE (Glos), FHEA, PhD (University of Gloucestershire)

Contact details


Tel: 01285 652531


Professional memberships

  • Post-graduate fellow of the Royal Geographical Society
  • Fellow of the Higher Education Academy

Additional information

  • A research associate at the Countryside and Community Reserach Institute, based at the University of Gloucestershire.


Research interests

  • Farmer behaviour and decision making
  • Biosecurity and livestock disease management
  • Environmental management
  • Rural development

Current research projects

  • A study to explore the effectiveness of on-farm biosecurity measures to reduce contact between badgers and cattle to include knowledge sharing and dissemination.
  • Social science study to accompany the Badger Vaccine Deployment Programme.


Teaching duties

  • Rural Policy
  • Rural Planning
  • Rural Development
  • Environmental Management



Refereed Papers

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Contract reports

  • Fisher, R., Short, S., Hamilton-Webb, A., and Mills, J. (2013) A new approach to grazing in the Cotswolds NIAs. Report to the Cotswolds Conservation Board.
  • Ingram, J., Short, C., Gaskell, P., Mills, J., Lewis, N., Clark, M., Dennis, E., Fisher, R., and Owen, I. (2009) Entry and exit from agri-environmental schemes in Wales, Final Report for Welsh Assembly Government.


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