Dr Rhiannon Naylor


Professional memberships

  • Post-graduate fellow of the Royal Geographical Society
  • Fellow of the Higher Education Academy

Additional information

  • A research associate at the Countryside and Community Reserach Institute, based at the University of Gloucestershire.


Research interests

  • Farmer behaviour and decision making
  • Biosecurity and livestock disease management
  • Environmental management
  • Rural development

Current research projects

  • A study to explore the effectiveness of on-farm biosecurity measures to reduce contact between badgers and cattle to include knowledge sharing and dissemination.
  • Social science study to accompany the Badger Vaccine Deployment Programme.


Teaching duties

  • Rural Policy
  • Rural Planning
  • Rural Development
  • Environmental Management



Refereed Papers

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Contract reports

  • Fisher, R., Short, S., Hamilton-Webb, A., and Mills, J. (2013) A new approach to grazing in the Cotswolds NIAs. Report to the Cotswolds Conservation Board.
  • Ingram, J., Short, C., Gaskell, P., Mills, J., Lewis, N., Clark, M., Dennis, E., Fisher, R., and Owen, I. (2009) Entry and exit from agri-environmental schemes in Wales, Final Report for Welsh Assembly Government.


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