Dr Richard Baines


Research interests encompass two converging themes: agricultural and rural development with special reference to emerging economies and Africa; and, the management of food safety and quality for agricultural production in response to legislation, the food chain and consumers. 

Research and contract research for governments, industry actors and NGO’s has included: the evaluation of environmental conditions in UK farm assurance schemes; global studies of a range of farm, food industry and retailer private standards in relation to HACCP, risk assessment and systems management, Restructuring the pig sector in Barbados; environmental assessments of modern farm developments in Malaysia; studies into red meat export from Uruguay and quality red meat in Europe. He has also been responsible for the development of voluntary social and environmental standards for a leading international standards owner, the SQF Institute and has advised a number of governments on private standards adoption, especially at the farm level. Current research is focussing on the relationships between small holder farmers, agribusiness and governments in developing various models of public: private partnerships. In addition, he has been actively involved in agricultural and environmental curriculum development from primary farm schools to higher education and professional development programmes in the UK and overseas. 

Richard has also successfully supervised a number of PhD research projects linked to food and farming safety and quality risk assessments; Farmer: supply chain relationships; GHG mitigations and farm carbon sequestration 


Indicative Contract Research & Consultancy

  • Crown Agents Harare, Zimbabwe (2013) Presentation and facilitation of discussions around public: private partnerships in engaging smallholders in value chain activity
  • Asian Development Bank, Manila, Philippines (2013)      Trainer and Facilitator; Public: private partnerships in linking small-scale farmers to agribusiness supply chains. The role of ADB in creating the right enabling environment.
  • Help Madina Charity, Sierra Leone (2013) Mentor - Initial resource appraisal: Potential to establish biointensive food production and training programmes around Madina feeding centre and primary school,
  • AgDevCo, UK (2012) Trainer - Training in supply chains and private sector standards:  impacts on African farmers.
  • Gemfields Mining, Zambia (2011) Mentor - Initial resource appraisal: Potential of local small-scale farmers to supply food to mining canteen
  • Manor House Training Centre Trust, Kenya (2011) Mentor - Evaluation of Training Centre’s curriculum and outreach projects on biodynamic agriculture.
  • Friends of the Earth, UK (2009-10) Lead Consultant - Evaluation of home-grown protein crops in terms of yield, nutritional value, anti-nutritional factors and cost benefits. See Baines, R. N. (2010). The potential for replacing imported soy with alternative home grown protein feeds for UK livestock.
  • SQF institute, Washington, DC (2007-9)    Sole consultant - Evaluation of environmental and social standards linked to food and farming followed by development of environmental and ethical private standards, guidance, audit checklists plus pilot training. Standards now combined into single a single Ethical Sourcing Module. See Safe Quality Food Institute (2010) Ethical Sourcing Code, Voluntary Module and Ethical Sourcing Guidance
  • ComMark Trust, South Africa & DfID, Zambia (2008) Lead Consultant - Development and implementation of Joint Venture between smallholders and UK Integrator. See Baines, R.N. and Munyeche N (2008). Monitoring and Evaluation of the project "Linking Zambian small holder baby corn growers to high value UK markets through Produce Marketing Organisation as Standards Holders"
  • The Prince's Rainforests Project, Global Study (2008) Principal Consultant - Evaluation of current and future impacts of oil palm, soybean and tropical beef on rainforests. Underpinning report for PRP proposals on REDD. See - Baines, R.N., Davies, W.P., Aguiar, L.K., Brough, C., Finch, H.J.S. and Story, S.B. (2008). Current and Alternative Production Patterns of Beef, Soy and Oil Palm: Implications for Rainforest Conservation.
  • British Council & DfID, South Africa (2006-08) Principal Investigator - Collaborative research and development project on access and articulation under the RSA Agricultural Education and Training Strategy. Collaboration with RSA Pretoria and Stellenbosch. universities and selected Agricultural FE Colleges. See Baines, R. N., Story, S. and Davies, W.P. (2007). Addressing Barriers to Agricultural Education for Emerging Farmers in South Africa. DELPHE; and Baines, R. N., Story, S. and Davies, W.P. (2008). Addressing Barriers to Agricultural Education for Emerging Farmers in South Africa. DELPHE programme. Department for International Development (DFID), London.
  • Texas A&M University, Sao Paulo, Brazil (2007) Facilitator - Workshop on Brazilian food industry competitiveness. See Baines R. N. (2007). SQF Systems in the European Market. Food Safety & Quality: A Tool for Competitiveness in the Brazilian Food Industry; and, Baines, R. N. (2004) Food Safety A European Perspective. International Seminar, European Centre, Texas A & M University, College Station, Texas, USA
  • Assured Food Standards, UK, (2006) Consultant - Comparative assessment of livestock farm standards compared to UK Farm Assured Beef and Lamb scheme. See Baines, R.N. (2006). QA Benchmarking for Beef and Sheep.
  • Waitrose Supermarkets, UK (2005 & 6)     Lead Consultant - Assessment of impact of banning GM feeds on farmers, suppliers, consumers and Waitrose along all livestock supply chains. See - Baines R.N., Alliston, J.C., Brough, C. and De Motte, L. (2005). GM-free Animal Feeds: An Economic Model. Waitrose; and, Baines R. N., Davies, W.P., Jones, J.V.H. and Morris, P. (2006). GM-Free Animal Feeds: Further Model Developments. Waitrose
  • Hands Around the World Charity, Zambia (2005) Sole Consultant - Development of farm enterprises to support orphanage school and development of curriculum to apply maths, language and science into applied agricultural curriculum based on UNESCO Sparks curriculum.
  • Food Standards Agency, UK (2005) Consultant - Food safety evaluation and risk assessment linked to novel foods and processing. See - Baines. R. N., Davies, W.P., Martin, H., and De Motte, L. (2005). 'Novel Foods' Development. Food Standards Agency.
  • First Milk Co-op, UK (2004-5) Lead Consultant - Development of farmer academy based on best practice, local delivery and credit accumulation for HE qualifications. See - Baines, R.N., Alliston, J.C., Brough, C. and De Motte, L. (2005). Developing the First Milk Academy Concept.
  • UK Research Councils RELU Programme, UK (2004-5) Consultant - Participatory research into UK and overseas supply chains in relation to UK supermarket requirements and standards. See Baines, et. al. (2005). Food Chain Environment Conditions Affecting Competitiveness. RELU Report
  • Canadian Government, Global (2004) Sole Consultant - Evaluation of global trends in on-farm food safety management to identify options for Canadian farm assurance standards    development. Further conceptual development of environmental assurance options for Canadian farms. See - Baines, R. N. (2004) New Management Systems for Global Food Supply, The Challenges to Farmers & Growers World-wide. Canadian Federation of Agriculture Conference, Ottawa, Canada; and, Baines, R. N. (2004) Environmental Certification through Farm Assurance – A Review. Agriculture and Agri-food Canada, Toronto, Canada


Richard has published extensively and delivered a number of papers at national and international conferences. Recent publications include: 

Recent Books:

  • Soon, J. M. and Baines, R. N. (2013) Managing Food Safety Risks in the Agri-Food Industries. CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group ISBN 978-1-4665-0950-4.
  • Baines, R.N. (2009). Quality and safety standards in food supply chains. In Delivering Performance in Food Supply Chains,Mena, C. and Stevens, G. (Eds) Woodhead, Cambridge 

Recent Papers:

  • Baines, R. N. (2013) Innovation in agriculture and rural development: Linking smallholder agriculture to agribusiness supply chains. Agricultural Market Linkages Symposium, 12th – 13th December, Crown Agents, Harare, Zimbabwe
  • Soon, J. M. and Baines, R. N. (2012). Public and private food safety standards: Facilitating or frustrating fresh produce growers. Laws 2012 (in press) www.mdpi.com/journal/laws/
  • Soon, J. M. and Baines, R. N. (2012). Aquaculture farm food safety and diseases risk assessment (AquaFRAM): Development of a spreadsheet tool for salmon farms. Aquacultural Engineering 49: 35-45
  • Soon, J. M., Baines, R. N. and Seaman, P. (2012). Meta-analysis of food safety training on hand hygiene knowledge and attitudes among food handlers. Journal of Food Protection 75(4): 793-804.
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  • Baines, R.N. (2009). Establishing Standards for Sustainability and their Applicability to the Food Industry. Food & Beverage Packaging Innovation Summit. London.
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  • Liu, Z., Baines, R.N.Lane, G.P.F. and Davies, W.P. (2009). Two grass species and their competition on sainfoin survival. Grassland and Forage Science.