Farm Financial Business Management Online

Are you a farm business owner, farm manager, estate owner/manager or management adviser? Do you aspire to improve your understanding and analysis of financial performance, and develop the use of appropriate financial tools to support the delivery of business success?

This online programme is designed for individuals seeking to develop their understanding of the financial management of their business by developing skills in: 

  • The process of financial management 
  • Analysing financial performance and risk 
  • Preparing and analysing cashflow and profitability budgets as a basis for decision making 
  • Understanding the capital and balance sheet position 
  • Investment appraisal 
  • Developing a funding and investment proposal  
  • Financial reporting 

Topics covered include: 

  • Management accounting for agricultural businesses 
  • Budgeting for profit and cashflow 
  • Assessing the debt position – current and future 
  • Analysing financial performance for improvement and resilience 
  • Budgeting for change 
  • Sensitivity analysis 
  • Analysing the balance sheet and capital position 
  • Cost of production benchmarking 
  • Identifying key performance indicators 

The programme will run three times a year. 

Next course dates: 15 and 22 February, and 1 March 2022, delivered from 9:00am - 1:00pm. 

Course fees: £750 + £150 VAT

For more information and to book go to: FFBM Online

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