RAU 100 club

The RAU 100 Club was established in 1999 to create a facility at the Royal Agricultural University through which members have an opportunity to access and develop professional networking contacts.

Its members include leading companies and individuals in the Food and Farming Industries of UK, EU and the Global market place.

The driving force behind the Club is one of developing links between the University and global industry, the Club provides a networking capability by which members can keep in touch with each other through a variety of functions including its Annual Business Luncheon which attracts high calibre speakers from around the world.

The prime purposes of the 100 Club include:

  • Networking capability as a means by which members can keep in touch with each other and the University.
  • Visionary dialogue within the Club across the various sectors of the Food and Farming Industry.
  • Participation in the analysis of critical issues for sector interest groups within the Club.
  • Opportunities for tailored professional training and development for both individual and corporate requirements.
  • Opportunities to interact with the University and students.