Lantra Brush Cutter/Trimmer Operation


Lantra - Advanced






Brush cutters are a popular tool for the clearing of vegetation and scrub. This course covers routine maintenance, pre-start checks, site considerations and machine operation. The correct selection and use of cutting attachments is vital to the safe and efficient operation of the machine. Trimmers are capable of good work rates in awkward terrain/situations, but they also have the potential of being a very dangerous piece of equipment. All operators must be aware of the need for correct protective clothing, correct maintenance and the observance of safe operating procedures. Environmental factors must also be observed in the modern day working setting. This course provides:- the reasons for the safety considerations, guidance on how best to maintain a safe working environment, and an understanding of the ways to optimise work rate.

Course Prerequisites

This course is suitable for operators with some experience & knowledge of grass trimmers/brushcutters and for those looking for refresher training. If you are inexperienced then you may require longer than the stated guide times to fully understand the information and training provided, This can be provided as a two day course.

Course Details

Upon completing the Lantra Awards Brushcutters/Trimmers Maintenance and Operation training course you will be able to:

  • State and comply with safety and legal requirements of a brushcutter/trimmer, with an emphasis on safe - practices, warning signs and guards.
  • State and identify the correct protective clothing to wear and the standards required.
  • Perform routine maintenance in accordance with the manufacturer’s handbook.
  • Identify faults and defects on a brushcutter/trimmer and decide which the operator can easily remedy, and which should be referred to a specialist engineer.
  • Identify which cutting head to select for the relevant operating conditions.
  • Carry out fuel mixing correctly and be able to start the brushcutter/trimmer from both a hot and a cold condition in a safe manner.
  • Operate the brushcutter/trimmer in a safe manner having regard for the safety of themselves, the public, property and environmental factors.
  • Plan systematic working operations.
  • Use the manufacturer’s instruction book and parts list.

Course sessions:

  • Safety and risk assessment
  • HSE legislation
  • Protective clothing
  • Components and maintenance
  • Practical maintenance
  • Fuelling and starting
  • Testing the safety features
  • Checking balance of the brushcutter/trimmer
  • Safe operation

Please bring:

  1. Suitable outdoor clothing to carry out brushcutter operation, this includes suitable steel toed footwear.
  2. We require a digital photograph (passport style on a plain background), this is purely for a Lantra Skills card. This will be requested in our booking email.

Course Assessment Method

Integrated Training & Assessment Lantra Awards Certification will be awarded on successful completion of assessment.