Pesticide Application PA2A Ground Crop Sprayer (0216-50)


NPTC/ City & Guilds - Advanced






This course provides training in the use of a field crop sprayer with hydraulic nozzles. It will also give you the training required to undertake the NPTC PA2 assessment leading to the certificate of competence under the pesticide regulations.

Course Prerequisites

Pesticide Application PA1 - Safe Use of Pesticides (0216 - 49) & must be able to drive a Tractor competently.

Course Details

The subjects covered include: safe driving practice, sprayer systems, chemical handling, mixing, storage and disposal. Setting and testing application rate, field marking and application, fault finding, pre and post operation maintenance and record keeping.

Please bring:

  1. Pen and paper
  2. Lunch and Refreshments (if required)
  3. PPE (gloves, overalls, boots calculator)

Course Assessment Method

NPTC (National Proficiency Tests Council) Certificate of Competence under the Pesticide Regulations. This is an external assessment and will take place on a separate day to the training. Please be prepared to travel back to the centre. The assessment will last approximately 2.5 hours.