Alice Hamilton-Webb

Lecturer in Rural Land Use


Lecturer in Rural Land Use

Contact details

Tel: 01285 652531


Professional Memberships

  • Post-graduate fellow of the Royal Geographical Society 


Research Interests

  • Farmer behaviour and decision making
  • Livestock disease management and biosecurity
  • Climate change and flood risk management

Current research projects

  • IIKE project
  • Evaluation of the Impact of Superfast Broadband in Gloucestershire and Herefordshire (on behalf of Fastershire)


Teaching duties

  • Rural land use
  • Rural land management
  • Research methods



  • Hamilton-Webb, A., Manning, L., Naylor, R., and Conway, J. (2016) The relationship between risk experience and risk response: a study of climate change. Journal of Risk Research, DOI:10.1080/13669877.2016.1153506
  • Naylor, R., Hamilton-Webb, A., Little, R., and Maye, D. (2016) The ‘good farmer': Farmer identities and the control of exotic livestock disease in England. Sociologia Ruralis, DOI: 10.1111/soru.12127
  • Naylor, R., Manley, W., Maye, D., Enticott, G., Ilbery, B. and Hamilton-Webb, A. (forthcoming) The framing of public knowledge controversies in the media: a comparative analysis of the portrayal of badger vaccination in the English national, regional and farming press. Sociologica Ruralis 

Contract reports

  • Hamilton-Webb, A., and Naylor, R. (2015) Farm Level Risk Management - Lessons Learned. Report to Defra. 
  • Hamilton-Webb, A., and Naylor, R. (2015) Faster Women Evaluation. Report to Gloucestershire County Council  
  • Naylor, R. and Hamilton-Webb (2015) Enhanced Management of Persistent Breakdowns - Process Evaluation. Report to Defra 
  • Naylor, R., Hamilton-Webb, A., Little, R., Maye, D., Edwards, E., Charles, J., Foy, R., Curzon, S., Reed, M., Manning, L. and Hemmings, A. (2015) Exotic Disease Compensation Review: Behaviours Project - Part 2 (Primary Research) SE4309. Report to Defra 
  • Manning, L., and Hamilton-Webb, A. (2014) Sustainable procurement. Research report for the RSPB.  
  • Fisher, R., Short, S., Hamilton-Webb, A. and Mills, J. (2013) A new approach to grazing in the Cotswolds NIAs. Report to the Cotswolds Conservation. 


  • Hamilton-Webb, A. (2015) Farmers’ engagement with the challenge of climate change: a case study of farmers in Gloucestershire, England. European Society of Rural Sociology Congress, Aberdeen, August
  • Hamilton-Webb, A. (2014) Are farmers in Gloucestershire who have directly experienced flood events, more likely to engage with climate change as a risk issue? Countryside and Community Research Institute Postgraduate Winter School, November
  • Hamilton-Webb, A. (2013) Farmers’ experiences of flooding and attitudes and response towards climate change – a study in the county of Gloucestershire. RGS-IBG International Conference, London, August