Course: MBA Cultural Heritage Leadership

Course details

  • Location

    Distance learning with on-campus residential
  • Duration

    1 year (full time) or 2+ years (part time) (Full time / Part time)
  • Academic Year

    20 September 2021 - 20 May 2022. For January entry the academic year starts on 17 January 2022

The MBA in Cultural Heritage Leadership has been specifically designed to enhance the skills and knowledge you need to build or boost your career in the management of heritage organisations. It delivers a challenging and unique occupational education that emphasises reflective and innovative leadership and business decision-making.

Course overview

Industry partners from across the cultural heritage sector have been closely involved in the development of the programme. It has been carefully tailored to meet skills gaps and respond to changes in industry trends.

Our programme combines the study of conventional MBA building blocks - growing participant’s knowledge and understanding of a broad base of entrepreneurial, managerial, human resource, legal and financial skills – with the exploration of specific issues facing heritage at the local, national and global scale.   An important focus is the development of new strategies for a changing world - advancing a sustainable heritage which balances the needs of communities and their cultural inheritance with the need to encourage investment and enhance economic growth.

At each stage skills are deepened and reinforced by working closely with industry, engaging with real-world problems, hearing from guest speakers and receiving mentoring from relevant experts working in the field. The programme will also provide valuable opportunities to boost your professional network.

We aim for our graduates to develop the critical academic and business discipline skills which will enable them to analyse and lead complex organisations in a rapidly changing and increasingly international cultural heritage sector.

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