Course:MSc Historic Environment Management

Course details

  • Location

    Cultural Heritage Institute @ RAU Swindon and RAU Campus
  • Duration

    1 year (full time) or 2+ years (part time) (Full time /Part time)
  • Academic Year

    19 September 2022 - 26 May 2023

The Historic Environment is everything that we have inherited from the past, from historic buildings to archaeological sites, and from objects, documents and archives to oral history and song - it is our collective heritage. It is a key part of community cohesion and is the foundation of heritage tourism.

Course overview

Historic Environment Management (also called Heritage Management) is concerned with the ways in which inheritance can be explored, protected, conserved, stewarded, interpreted, sensitively re-purposed and re-used. It is also about reconciling the conflicts which arise from different stakeholders’ views of heritage, its uses and its future. You will develop people and management skills as well as skills around heritage itself, helping to give the past a sustainable future.

This programme builds a robust philosophical, theoretical and ethical framework while developing critical awareness of the practice of conservation and stewardship in the UK and internationally. It will tackle the issues which arise from rapid social, economic and environmental change. Through the dissertation or professional product you will grow, and demonstrate skills in creativity, adaptability, autonomy, ethics, communications, knowledge creation and the use of evidence in the analysis of complex, incomplete or contradictory areas of understanding.  

You can become part of the next generation of historic environment management professionals capable of working with equal facility and sensitivity across the public, private and charitable sectors. Designed in collaboration with professionals working in Historic Environment Management this course will be of value to both recent graduates and those in employment who are seeking to diversify their historic environment skills portfolio.

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