Nutrition and respiratory health research

'A man is what he eats and the same goes for horses.' *

Many of the physiological and behavioural problems we see in horses today can be attributed to inappropriate feeding, and so one of the areas of investigation within our current research programme is redefining how we determine energy requirements in performance horses. This is leading to a ‘user-friendly’ system for horse owners that will make it easier to maintain ideal competition weight in their horses. 

With equid gut and respiratory health ever in our minds, investigations into the quality of fodder has yielded new information on the microbial and nutritional profile of hays and how this can be manipulated by pre-feeding treatments. In collaboration with Nottingham University, investigations continue on fodder-born dust that cause allergic respiratory disorders in stabled horses. This work has discovered new allergens and developed a better way of diagnosing severe equine asthma in horses.

An exciting new collaboration with Wageningen University in Holland and Glasgow University in Scotland will look at digestive physiology and in vitro modelling of the digestive process.

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Key staff

Post-graduate students

  • Sam White (PhD)
  • Mark Ebert (PhD)
  • Jacob Hepworth (MScR)
  • Abby Hooky (MScR)
  • Verity Hardwick (MScR)
  • Miranda Filmer (MScR)

* Feuerbach, 1863