Sustainable Agriculture, Food and Rural Economy

The aim of the Sustainable Agriculture, Food and Rural Economy research is to promote higher yield and quality food within sustainable agricultural production systems. Much of our work involves investigating low-input systems in developing countries and developing systems that lead to greater food security in subsistence communities.

UK based research has focussed on crop establishment techniques, legumes, weed management, bi-cropping and wholecrop forage. The research benefits greatly from local farms and uses a trial site at Coates Farm. We also run projects on co-operating farms to increase the range of soil types, enterprises and locations for our studies. The RAU has enviable links with the agricultural community and we work cooperatively with local businesses on many projects.

The RAU greatly values knowledge exchanges so our research findings are disseminated through our excellent connections with local, national and international farmer groups. We also encourage all our research students to publish widely and take part in relevant subject specialist conferences.