Application of social science to rural issues

Building social capital in rural communities and its importance in knowledge exchange, including: 

  • Farmer attitudes to bovine tuberculosis (bTB) control and policy
  • Farmer concerns about greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from livestock and implications for policy
  • Farmers' reaction to flooding
  • Developing agronomy with 250 farmers in Zambia, Tanzania and South Africa
  • Engagement with poultry farmers in the UK, Scottish salmon farmers, and the Chilean Salmon Farmers Association

Key staff

  • Dr Rhiannon Naylor
  • Dr Richard Baines

PhD graduates

  • Dr Sara Burbi (Improving livestock farmers practices and attitudes in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions at the farm level)

PhD students

  • Adeola Alo (Climate Change Impacts on Arable Agriculture in southern England)
  • Nephas Munyeche (Linking small scale farmers to value markets -  a review of the trust in working relationships between small scale farmers and integrators in South Africa and Zambia)
  • Alice Hamilton-Webb: Farmers’ attitudes towards climate change in relation to their experiences of flooding in Gloucestershire