Rural Knowledge Hub

Knowledge exchange (KE) activities have always been central to the our mission to support the land and rural enterprise based sectors. With our long-standing experience in these sectors and our strong links with industry, we are uniquely placed to act as a bridge between science, policy and practice. Our KE work supports an evidence-based practice-led approach working with policy makers in industry, government and civil society organisations.

Our knowledge exchange strategy is driven by our industrial mission and is focused upon pervading grand challenges of transforming the food production system, the application of AgriTech and the data revolution and the opportunities for the rural economy post-Brexit.

Our KE activities revolve around the RAU Rural Knowledge Hub. This Hub offers thought leadership, directly influencing and encouraging industry to navigate the complex set of challenges currently faced by the land-based sector. Our activities are informed by good practice and reflect the changing environment of agri-food, land management and rural enterprise. This include the KE mind-set of curiosity, confidence and humility.

The Knowledge Hub activities focus on three key areas:

  • Rural Collaborate Policy: to initiate “thought leadership” activities that provide a unique collaborative strategic insight into the policy challenges facing Government and rural industries.
  • Rural Innovation Support: to facilitate farm and land-based practitioner-led innovation and sharing of best practice.
  • Rural Enterprise Acceleration: to accelerate the establishment and growth of rural enterprises through our Farm 491 and the Inspiring AgriTech Innovation Programme.

Apart from a variety of knowledge exchange activities in these three key areas we also provide professional training in the skills and strategic insight required in the land-based sector and global agri-food food supply chain at the John Oldacre Rural Innovation Centre and CPD Programmes.

There is a particular role for the RAU Futures Club in informing and engaging in the activities of the Knowledge Hub. The RAU Futures Club consists of alumni and other persons interested in the RAU including leading companies and individuals in the food and farming industries of UK, EU and the global marketplace.

"Our emerging Knowledge Hub is helping industry navigate change and uncertainty and delivering societal benefit and impact"  Professor David Main

“To impact industry, government, employers & rural communities by providing focused thought leadership, shaping policy and developing best practice of knowledge exchange methodology, through the development of a dedicated knowledge hub"

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