Start a postgraduate course in February 2020

We have three postgraduate level courses currently taking entries to start in February 2020.

MBA Innovation in Sustainable Food and Agriculture

A dynamic course specifically designed to enhance the skills and knowledge you need to build or boost your career, whether you are interested in business or the food and agriculture industries. This course is primarily distance learning.

Industry partners from across the agricultural and food supply chain, including Waitrose and the National Farmers’ Union, have been closely involved in the development of the programme. It has been carefully tailored to meet skills gaps and respond to changes in industry trends.

You will work closely with industry throughout your course, engaging with real-world problems, hearing from guest speakers and receiving mentoring from a relevant expert working in the field. The programme will also provide valuable opportunities to boost your professional network.

Multi-national companies across business, food production, agribusiness, and the food retailing sectors are seeking employees who are equipped to solve challenges such as their supply chain. To create an effective, resilient, and forward-looking global food system, firms must strengthen their business management skills to enable them to deliver competitive offerings in a complex global market. Emerging technologies, business models and changing demands add to the complexity faced by this industry, as do a range of challenges - from managing natural resources to navigating political change.

This business management programme has been designed with these challenges firmly in mind. Strategy, use of data, people skills and marketing are embedded in a business and agricultural context making them accessible and directly relevant to what is happening in the world today. You can learn the core skills you need to lead a business in an unpredictable and challenging environment, whether you are launching or running your own venture, looking for career progression or just entering one of these industries.

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MSc Sustainable Food and Agriculture Policy

A dynamic course for a rapidly-changing sector, this programme has been created in conjunction with our industry partners, including the National Trust and National Farmers’ Union. This course is primarily distance learning.

Working across agriculture and the food supply chain, you will gain a deeper understanding of the sector, the challenges of the future and how they interconnect.

Policy and strategy around the areas of food and agriculture are vital for the sustainable growth of any country. This is a time of unprecedented demand for innovative solutions to sustain the flow of high quality food to more people than ever before, alongside increasing demands for traceability and provenance.

Brexit also presents an opportunity for the UK to become an important world player in the production of high quality, sustainably produced food. To secure this aim, numerous opportunities will arise for highly educated business-minded people who are capable of leading British food production policy.

If you have an inquisitive mind or wish to learn these skills, this course will help you develop the knowledge you need to begin and boost a career in the agriculture and food industry. We will provide you with important industry contacts and placements within major national companies. You will have the opportunity to connect with organisations that are shaping policy; covering areas including climate change, consumer trends, post-Brexit trading terms, public health, animal welfare and future food security.

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MSc Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security

This course is for anyone concerned that our food production systems will not be fit for purpose by the middle of this century.

Increasingly large swathes of the globe are beset by resource constraints and environmental uncertainty, which requires a radical shift in our production and consumption habits. This course will equip you with the specialised knowledge and skills that are urgently needed by governments, NGOs and commercial companies as they respond to some of today’s biggest challenges.

If you are driven by a desire to shape public and political attitudes, this is the ideal environment in which to develop a strategic and operational mind-set in a way that will expand your own opinions and those of global decision-makers.

You will delve into critical issues such as the human exploitation of the Earth’s resources, poverty alleviation and food security, the ethical and cultural implications of policy development, the ecological basis for sustainable agricultural development, and critical capacity building approaches.

Our renowned lecturers and researchers will guide you through theoretical study and practical exercises that will prepare you for a successful career, from producing a magazine or a podcast through to organising a national conference.

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