2022 Ashbridge Partners Summer Scholarship

**This Scholarship is now closed to applications**

The Ashbridge Partners Summer Scholarship is a 10 week research project, giving you the opportunity to build a network of contacts and find out more about the world of finance, as well as giving the chance to develop commercial research and presentations skills.

There is one scholarship available, exclusively to RAU students, for £2,500. To apply, you must be a current student on any course.

This scholarship is now closed to applications.

The question is:

Rural Estates Finance

Should Rural Estates be taking on debt to exploit the wide ranging opportunities created by climate change, Covid and Brexit? Or are they already over-geared given rising interest rates, inflation and dwindling subsidy support?

Follow on questions:

If yes then what is the borrowing capacity of UK Landed estates versus current debt?

In percentage terms, what is your conclusion on a reasonable leverage for a rural estate?

What proportion of investments are funded from asset sales or debt and what are the decision-making processes surrounding these?

About Ashbridge Partners

Ashbridge Partners is a family-owned, boutique financial consultancy, whose private clients enjoy a wide-ranging and highly personalised service. They specialise in complex loan funding for affluent and landed families.

The business was set up in 2012 by alumnus Mark Ashbridge. Today they employ 14 people based from Stow on the Wold from where they enjoy national coverage. Ashbridge Partners are recognised as the pre-eminent debt advisors for landed estates and affluent families across the UK.

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If you have any questions, please contact Hannah Langford via development@rau.ac.uk.