ADM Protexin Limited are offering a fully funded scholarship to pursue a Master of Science in Research (MScR)

(validated by University of Gloucestershire). Starting October 2022.

The effect of Protexin Gut Sponge on the gut health of horses

Background: Gut sponge is a dietary supplement designed to support horses with gut dysbiosis which manifests as loose stools, diarrhoea and free faecal water. Anecdotal evidence from the industry has suggested that gut sponge can help horses cope better (maintain normal droppings) with the change from a fresh pasture-based diet to one of conserved forage haylage /hay when moving from field to stable in the autumn. Gut sponge may also be useful during dietary changes and times of stress to help maintain a healthy digestive process.

Project outline: The project will investigate the effect of the gut sponge supplement on:

  • Gut physiology by monitoring faecal characteristics (free faecal water, faecal DM, particle size)
  • Gut microbiome and metabolome

The study will provide highly relevant information on taxonomic profiling (diversity and abundance) as well as functional analyses. Data collection will be done in three phases involving 20 horses per phase and use horses in the industry providing another level of relevance and application to the equine industry.

Benefits: Work will be in vivo and in vitro and develop your understanding of experimental methodology, while further enhancing your skills in writing, statistical analysis, communication, and ‘state of the art’ laboratory techniques useful in diagnosis, health and well being in a range of animal species.

Funding: The package includes all fees, experimental costs and a stipend of one year of £15,000.

Contact: For further information please email or