Students talk about joining through Clearing

Read about the experiences of three of our students who joined through Clearing.

Margo Gilli - BSc (Hons) Agriculture

I applied to the RAU through clearing and it was quite a unique experience. Initially I hadn’t planned to go to university but then the Covid pandemic made me re-evaluate my choices and coming to the RAU was the best option.

My application to the RAU was very last minute - I applied, and was accepted, in September, just a week before Freshers’ Week started. I was over the moon! The clearing application process was really straightforward and I was able to get accommodation, on campus, online and over the phone.

I live in France and, applying so close to the start date of the year, meant that I wasn’t able to visit the campus before moving here but I’d do it again in a heartbeat.

On move-in day I was a little lost, having never been to the RAU before, but everyone was so kind and helpful, offering lots of help and support. I was amazed by the campus and its beauty, surrounded by farmland but also so close to town.

If you’re thinking of applying through clearing I say go for it! I love living and studying at the RAU and I am so glad I made the decision to come here.

Emma Taylor - BSc (Hons) Applied Equine Science and Business

My experience from clearing was a little different from most. I logged into the clearing site, went to ride my horse, and came back to a phone call from the admissions team at the RAU.

After a long conversation with the Head of Equine Science, I was made an unconditional offer there and then. So, within a couple of hours, I had accepted the offer, gained the last room on campus and had reserved a stable for my horse on the yard! 

I didn't come on a tour but was amazed by the campus when I got there. As soon as I saw the big, old building and long well-kept driveway I knew this was somewhere I wanted to study. 

The course is great with plenty of science-based content and the business side is also really useful. I like the combination of subjects and how informative the lectures are and there are plenty of opportunities to understand, explain, share, and get involved with research.

My first year on campus was a blast - plenty of activity, parties, movie nights - we had a great time! Being a small campus with fewer students means you really get to know everyone. You make some awesome friends and can get involved with lots of different activities.

On a more serious note, with everything that has happened with Covid over the last 18 months, the RAU still managed to deliver the same expert teaching and engagement to everyone through the virtual learning and I loved how we were all able to adapt and maintain the same level of teaching.

I really enjoy life at the RAU and cannot wait to continue the journey through the final year.

My message to anyone going through clearing is don't panic. Clearing can be overwhelming, especially on results day, but don't give up. Whether you are on plan A or plan Z, your journey is only what you make it. Stay calm, don't give up and go out and get what you want!

Amelia Sumner - BSc (Hons) International Business Management

I took a year out - and was contemplating what to do with my life - when a girl I was working with saw an advert for studying at the RAU and suggested I apply.

I emailed the RAU during the clearing process and had a response back the same day! I applied immediately and was accepted.

I was nervous about starting university, being two years older than my year, but I came for a tour the following week and really loved the buildings and the atmosphere. 

I am very dyslexic and had been worried that I would not be suited to higher education but the lady who showed me around was really helpful and reassuring and during the tour all my nerves and worries went away and I was just left with a huge sense of excitement. 

I can honestly say that I LOVED my course! It was amazing and unlike my friends at other universities I learnt practical skills that I am now applying in the workplace. I can write a compelling report, understand terminology and can do a bit of work in all departments. I would highly recommend it for everyone.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time at the RAU and made a lot of long-term friendships with my peers. I am now really looking forward to getting into my masters in September. I would advise anyone thinking of applying to the RAU through clearing not to hesitate. Go for it and enjoy it!