Dr Federico Topolansky


Federico Topolansky

When did you join the RAU and what brought you here?

I joined the RAU in April 2009. My passion for consultancy, agribusiness competitiveness, and education makes the RAU the best place for me to work. I also value the ethos and culture of the RAU, which I became aware of when I was a student at the RAU. 

How did you get into agribusiness strategy?

Before becoming a lecturer, I was involved in many consultancy projects related to agribusiness, competitiveness, and the impact of regional agreements in the UK and overseas. I worked as a consultant to numerous global companies and organisations, including the United Nations, Seylinco S.A., Roche Vitamins Brazil Ltda., and BASF. At the beginning of my career, while working as an Agronomist, I pioneered innovative business models (in South America) to help small farmers to increase profits. All my industry experience has been in business strategy and agribusiness. 

What made you go into teaching?

I have always been passionate about education. It is a profession that allows me to make a difference in the life of young people allowing them to achieve their potential. 

What do you enjoy about it?

Young people are great to work with. They are creative, energetic, and eager to embarked on challenging projects. 

What’s the most challenging aspect of teaching/learning about business strategy?

The most challenging aspect is to be able to teach some concepts that seem abstract and difficult to understand. Linking these concepts with real case scenarios help students to understand the value of them. This is why is very important to have lecturers with industry experience. 

What would be your top three tips for anyone thinking of....

  1. starting a UG/PG course?
  • Be sure that you find the right institution for you.

  • Manage your time wisely.

  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help.  

  1. studying business strategy?
  • Take notes.

  • Ask questions.

  • Attend lectures. 

How would you describe life at the RAU/Cirencester?

Life at the RAU has the right balance between academic activities, sports, and social life. There is always something going on to cater to the needs of each student. It is a good place to socialise and meet new friends. 

What makes it distinctive/special?

The most important one is personalised service, our students aren’t just a number. The University maintains high graduate employment rates and courses are carefully tailored to meet the changing needs of employers. 

What’s your favourite spot on campus and why?

The main entrance of the University. The views are stunning and this is where students play sports. 

What are your top Cirencester recommendations?

  • Join the societies and clubs.
  • Take advantage of the alumni network.
  • Get involved in the Enterprise Society.
  • Attend lectures and guest speaker talks.