Trevor Knudsen


Trevor Knudsen


MBA International Food and Agribusiness

My RAU experience

My agricultural career started on a small dairy farm in Utah, USA. I was excited to have the opportunity to study an MBA in International Food and Agribusiness at the Royal Agricultural University, and was very impressed by the visits from industry leaders. Those experiences helped take my education beyond theoretical knowledge, to discover how it applies to real-life situations.

The RAU gave me an insight into the world of global agribusiness.

What I gained from the RAU

After receiving my MBA, I started working as an agricultural land appraiser with Northwest Farm Credit Services in Oregon, USA. The RAU gave me an insight into the world of global agribusiness and helped me to understand how economic and geopolitical impacts affect people and operations across the world. Although I live and work in a small town, global agricultural and dietary influences have a great impact.

Earning an MBA from the Royal Agricultural University was an unforgettable milestone in my life.