Dairy Cattle Foot Trimming Course

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The module has been developed with a view to improving the health, welfare and mobility of the national herd, by promoting and achieving a recognised and validated standard of cattle hoof care. The course is unique because it approaches the subject of cattle lameness and professional foot trimming based on the latest scientific evidence. Candidates successfully completing the course will receive a Certificate of Completion of course and competency assessment. It will allow the candidate to join the Cattle Hoof Care Standards Board Register and and following completion of the course, candidates will be eligible for enrolment onto the Register Of Mobility Scorers (ROMS), subject to passing the RoMS online assessment and payment of the RoMS annual subscription. Whilst this module is not credit bearing, it has been designed to reflect the QAA Benchmark Higher Education requirements for a Level 4 module based on 15 credits whilst being delivered in an encouraging and constructive manner without criticism of current practice with immediate practical benefits building upon candidates’ own experience through a series of lectures, farm visits and exchanges of information with other members of the module.


Some previous experience of hoof trimming is required to undertake this course

Course Details

The module consists of five days training (The first day Monday will be online via Zoom, day 2 at John Oldacre Rural Innovation Centre and the final three days on-farm).

Course Sessions

The course will be made up of demonstrations and discussion/problem solving exercise sessions linking theory and practice. There is also a large element of practical foot trimming.

**Please make sure you bring adequate personal protective equipment (PPE) e.g. clean overalls, boots for the week. You may prefer to bring your own trimming crush and grinders. You will not be allowed to wear the same PPE you wear on the first two days (on cadaver feet) for the last three days on-farm, for biosecurity reasons.

Course Assessment Method

**PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS IS AN ADVANCED COURSE** The assessment involves the completion of a 2000 word workbook and a practical foot trimming assessment at least one month after course completion. As a guide we would expect you to trim 1000 cows between completing the course and going forward for the exam. There is also a requirement to sit the online ROMS assessment for cattle mobility. The full qualification comes on completion of the workbook and on-farm examination.


27 Sep 2021 to 01 Oct 2021

John Oldacre Rural Innovation Centre

Manor Farm Harnhill CIRENCESTER GL7 5PU

Time: 9:00am - 5:00pm
Places available: 9