Why have some of the subjects I have studied been excluded from my offer?

RAU Admissions have based your offer on the range of subjects which are relevant to your programme of study. Some programmes exclude subjects such as General Studies and Critical Thinking studied at A Level, whilst other programmes consider them. This will be clear in the wording of your offer.

I want to drop one of my subjects. Will this affect my place at the University?

Your offer is based on your UCAS application form. If you drop one or more of your subjects you'll need to inform Admissions even if the subject does not form part of your offer - you'll then receive a reply within two weeks of us receiving the information.

Is it possible to change my programme of study?

This may be possible depending on your application, the subjects you're currently studying, your personal statement and the relevance of the programme of study you propose to change to. If you're thinking of changing the programme of study you've applied for, please contact the Admissions Office before you proceed, so we can advise and assist you.

Can I defer my offer?

If your offer was conditional and you met the conditions of your offer but you cannot take up your place and you need to defer for one year then please contact us. Please send an email to Admissions stating the reasons for your deferral request. The University will consider your request and, if agreed, your UCAS record will be updated accordingly.

What happens if I have problems during the exams? Will my circumstances be considered?

Sometimes, circumstances may arise that have a serious impact on how you perform during your exams. If you have serious extenuating circumstances which have had an impact on your performance, please let us know so we can advise you further.

In such cases you must also inform your school, as they should be able to contact the examination boards and make them aware of any extenuating circumstances relevant in your case and examiners may take these into consideration.

I changed my email address/contact address/telephone number. Do I need to let you know?

Yes, please contact Admissions as soon as possible and also change your contact details accordingly on your UCAS track account. The University sends all communications via email and it is extremely important we hold the correct email address for you. A number of applicants may use a school email address. However, this may not be suitable when you no longer have access to your school's email, so a personal email address is always advised.

Can someone else make enquiries about my application on my behalf if I am not available, or if I am taking a gap year?

If you're not going to be available for some time, or you're taking a gap year, you need to make sure that you've nominated a third party in your UCAS application to act on your behalf. Data Protection legislation does not allow the University to speak/disclose information to any third party about you, unless they're your UCAS application nominated contact.