Dr Ishwar Pun


International Teaching Fellow in Agriculture and Environmental Science.


Ishwar Pun is an International Teaching Fellow in Agriculture and Environmental Science at RAU (UK) and QAU (China). He is an agri-environmentalist with experiences in Agriculture, Soil, Water, and Climate.

Before joining the RAU, He worked in several Universities in different countries. He has experiences working in rice production and greenhouse gases emission in Japan, agricultural land use planning and classification in Vietnam and Nepal, and measuring and modelling carbon and nitrogen in soil in the UK. Dr Pun has an interdisciplinary training and routinely uses tools such as GIS for his research.


My research interest encompasses:

  • Cereal crop production: Field trial test on crop production, climate change impact on production, nutrient management, process-based modelling (DayCent model, APSIM model) approach to forecast the crop production in the future with ongoing climate change
  • Environmental Science: Greenhouse gases (GHG) emission from agricultural land, soil contamination, soil physio-chemical properties, carbon and nitrogen movement in the soil, soil carbon stock
  • Land use classification: Socioeconomic impact on land-use change in the urban and suburban area using GIS tool (Geographic Information  System), farm typology, socioeconomic characteristics of farmers


Developing Academic Skills for undergraduate students at RAU;

Tutor for Crop Production, Livestock Production, and Soil and Environmental Science to the undergraduate students at QAU joint institute


  • Pun, I., Galdos, M. V., Chapman, P. J., Lloyd, I. L., Banwart, S., Dobbie, S., & Collins, L. (2024). “Measuring and modelling the impact of outdoor pigs on soil carbon and nutrient dynamics under a changing climate and different management scenarios”, Soil Use and Management, 40, e13029. https://doi.org/10.1111/sum.13029
  • Shakti, P.C., Pun, I., Talchabhadel, R., and Kshetri, D. (2021) “The Role of Glaciers in Hydropower Production in Nepal”, Journal of Asian Energy Studies, Vol. 5, Pp. 1-13.
  • Sakakibara, K., Iwagami, S., Tsujimura, M., Abe, Y., Hada, M., Pun, I. and Onda, Y. (2019) “Groundwater age and mixing process for evaluation of radionuclide impact on water resources following the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant accident”, Journal of Contaminant Hydrology 223
  • Pun, I. and Yamaji, E. (2017) “Comparative Study of Methane Emission and Structural Development of Rice Plants from SRI and non-SRI Methods in a Lysimeter Experiment”, International Journal of Environmental and Rural Development, Vol.8 (1), Pp. 20-26.
  • Pun, I., Yamaji, E. and Ches, S. (2016) “Comparison of Rice Plant Development with different Transplanting Densities under SRI practices in Lysimeter”, International Journal of Environmental and Rural Development, Vol.7 (2), Pp. 87-92.

Conference presentations and papers:

  • Pun, I., Galdos, M.V., Chapman, P., and Collins, L. (2019) “Soil quality changes in a rotation with outdoor pigs and annual crops”, poster presented at LEAP (Live, Environment, and People) conference, at University of Oxford, 10th December 2019.
  • Pun, I., Hattori, T., and Yamaji, E. (2018) “Actual condition and problems of land use planning system in Vietnam focusing on suburb area”, presented at PAWEES and INWEPF International Conference 2018 in Nara, 20th -21st November.
  • Pun, I. and Hattori, T. (2018) “Land use system in Nepal and its effect on agriculture development”, Rural Planning Association Spring Meeting, Pp. 44-45.
  • Pun, I., Hattori, T., Yamaji, E., and Niraula, B. (2017) “Overview of Rice Production Practices in Nepal and Future Challenges”, presented at Charting a Career Path: Sharing the Learning and Lessons, Newcastle University, 2nd -3rd November 2017.