Our vision and strategy

Our vision is to become the leading specialist University providing a fresh perspective for the land agri-food and rural enterprise sectors.

The four cornerstones of our strategy are:

  • To grow and diversify our student community by providing an outstanding student experience and excellent employment outcomes. Our innovative programmes will be informed by the evolving needs of industry and designed for learners at all stages of life, delivered via traditional and online learning platforms
  • To establish a Knowledge Hub that will help industry navigate change and uncertainty making it possible to tackle big challenges more effectively delivering societal benefit and impact. The Hub will provide a focus to pioneer farmer-led innovation, act as an accelerator of rural enterprise and become a centre for thought leadership for the informed development of evidence-based policy and strategic thinking
  • To become a sustainable, efficient, organisation that can fund a continuing investment in our physical, digital and human infrastructure ensuring a continually improving and excellent experience for both our students and our staff
  • Strategic and sustainable partnership working - partnerships with land-based colleges and schools will diversify our student community and extend the reach of the learning opportunities we offer.

Developing more sustainable partnerships with industry and research-leading institutions will provide a wider perspective, ensure that what we teach is relevant, improve student employment outcomes and enable sustainability-oriented innovation.

We have also chosen five values to underpin our learning community. These are the values which we will all work by and for which we want the RAU to be known. We are:


We believe in the power of working together. We are stronger as a community of practice - inspiring each other, identifying shared goals, and providing reciprocal support leads to greater success.


We are receptive to new ideas and we value the diversity of experiences and skills. We are committed to listening to everyone across the RAU community.


We adopt creative approaches to achieve our goals while setting higher standards, promoting professionalism and sustainability.


Individually and collectively we take accountability for our actions working with integrity to achieve the highest ethical standards.


We acknowledge the fundamental value and dignity of all individuals and are committed to maintaining an environment that seeks to eliminate all forms of discrimination and respects diverse traditions, heritages, and experiences.