Our partners

The RAU has a long history of innovation and creativity in the land-based sector and we have forged strong networks across Britain and the world.

We believe in the power of working together. We are stronger as a community of practice where we inspire each other, identify shared goals, and provide reciprocal support leading to greater success.

Our global footprint is expanding

Agriculture and food security are global issues that require international collaboration as such we work with a number of partner Universities to tackle the challenges of today and tomorrow. We are fast building a global reputation as a centre for practically relevant thought leadership as well as expanding into Uzbekistan.

Strategic and sustainable partnership working

We have formed partnerships with land-based colleges and schools to diversify our student community and extend the reach of the learning opportunities we offer.

Developing more sustainable partnerships with industry and research-leading institutions will provide a wider perspective, ensuring that what we teach is relevant, improves student employment outcomes and enables sustainability-oriented innovation.

We continue to develop strategic partnerships with local and regional farming enterprises, providing our students with an enhanced range of up-to-date best practice farming operations off-site. All the farms are run on a commercial basis and our students benefit through access to their physical and financial data, which enables them to understand all aspects of farm management.