Dr Liudmyla Batsenko


Post-Doctoral International Teaching Fellow in Management and Marketing.

I obtained Master’s degree and an Undergraduate degree in Management (2006), the title of the qualification awarded was Economist and Organiser of Agribusiness Complex from Sumy National Agrarian University. MSc Psychology (2022) from Sumy State Pedagogical University AS Makarenko and Heriot-Watt University, respectively. I obtained a PhD in Economic Sciences from the Kharkiv National Agrarian University, Ukraine in 2014.

I am a participant in the international technical assistance project of the European Union:

  • The EU Financial Sector as a driver for Sustainable Development
  • European Integration, Policy Reform and Networked Economy Perspectives
  • EU program: Erasmus+ direction "Module Jean Monet" 
  • International summer school "EU Principles and Values: Diversity and Inclusion in Education for Sustainable Development" as part of the implementation of the EU Erasmus+ Project "European Values ​​of Diversity and Inclusion for Sustainable Development" 
  • Author of books and study guides
  • Owner of six copyright certificates in works of science, obtained from the Ukrainian Intellectual Property Institute.

After 19 years as an Associate Professor Management Department, Sumy National Agrarian University, Ukraine, I was appointed to the School of Real Estate and Land Management at Royal Agricultural University in 2022 as an International Teaching Fellow in Management and Marketing.

Prior to teaching in higher education in the Ukraine I worked in several other areas such as banking and the educational system.

External activities

Editorial Board member of the International Scientific Conference on Knowledge Based Sustainable Development (ERAZ).

Professional membership

Associate member of the Ukrainian Association for Management Development and Business Education (UAMDBE).

Human Resource Management; Organisational Behaviour; Personal & Professional Development Planning.

Teaching and Postgraduate supervision.