BASIS FACTS (Fertiliser Advisors Certification and Training Scheme)


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This course is designed for those who wish to pass the FACTS examination leading to the Certificate of Competence in Fertiliser Advice, as well as advisers, representatives, farmers and farm managers involved in arable crop production and management. It will also be of interest to those who have qualified for the BASIS Professional Register and want to gain Continuing Professional Development points. The course assumes a basic prior level of agronomic knowledge with regard to production of cereals, oilseed rape, sugar beet, potatoes and grassland. The course then builds on this with regard to principles and practice of crop nutrition, fertiliser recommendations and nutrient planning. It is essential that delegates are familiar with a range of farming systems and nutrient issues, and have sufficient supervised field experience before attempting the exam. It is highly unlikely that the course alone will raise knowledge to the level needed to pass the exam.

Course Prerequisites

Candidates have at least one year’s experience of fertiliser and nutrient management planning in the UK under the supervised guidance of another suitably qualified person.

Course Details

  • The soil in relation to plant nutrition.
  • The nature and properties of fertilisers.
  • Organic fertilisers.
  • Crop nutrients and the basis for calculating the amount of fertiliser required.
  • Use of fertilisers on the main crop groups in the UK.
  • Transport, storage, handling and labelling requirements necessary to protect the environment.
  • Codes of good agricultural practice, legal and safety requirements to protect the environment

This is an intensive course. You are advised to ensure that you are not required to run your day job in the breaks. Please be prepared to work at your accommodation each evening for several hours. Evening revision and set questions are an integral part of the course. COURSE DATES FOR 2024 • 6th & 7th February, 12th & 13th February, 27th February Revision Day. Exams dates are to be confirmed but most likely to be 4th March (Online only) 5th March Vivas. Please note to be able to sit the online exam you must have a suitable laptop. The Viva's will take place at the centre.

Please bring with you:-

  1. "New" Fertiliser Manual RB209 8th Edition, released June 2010 available from the DEFRA website.
  2. DEFRA Guidance for Farmers in NVZ Leaflet 1 (Summary).
  3. Pencil, rubber, highlighter pen and calculator.
  4. Passport style photo for FACTS membership card.

Course notes are provided on the day.


Please read Section 1 and the Appendices of RB209, and familiarise yourself with the overall layout of the book. Defra Guidance Notes for Farmers in NVZ (Leaflets 1 - 9) and Defra Code of Good Agricultural Practice - Water, Soil, Air.

Fee includes Refreshments, Lunch and Examination Fee supplied at the John Oldacre Rural Innovation Centre.

Please note:

We have been advised by AHDB that all candidates attending FACTS and NMP Training courses/exams will be able to obtain a copy of the relevant sections of RB209 prior to their training commencing.

All orders should be made by the student using or 0845 245 0009.

FACTS Reading list

The preparatory reading material will cover the main issues in every module of the syllabus. It can be found here.

Course Assessment Method

A polite reminder that photo ID is now required for all BASIS examinations, this can be a Passport, Driving Licence or BASIS Professional Register Membership ID Card, without this the candidate will not be able to sit the examination. A successful candidate will qualify for the FACTS Certificate of Competence in Fertiliser Advice. This course will also accrue 30 Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points.