Tractor Driving 13 - 15 year olds


Lantra - Basic






An introductory course for young people between 13 and 15 years old, giving them the confidence to handle a tractor, attach trailers and drive with them. Other subjects covered are safety and daily maintenance. Our Tractor Driving For 13 to 15 Year Olds training course has experienced instructors who will guide you through the training to make sure that they are able to use the tractor safely and with confidence, and that the key fundamentals of driving, loading and Health and Safety are covered. The course is based on the most recent Health and Safety Executive Tractor Action safety guidance. N.B. All training of young people should be within the guidance of the ACOP 'Preventing accidents to children in Agriculture’. Under the full ACOP guidelines young people should not be trained to use most PTO driven machinery or operator lifting equipment, therefore the session on PTO’s and tractor mounted loaders will not be included in this course. Protective steel toe capped footwear must be worn. Please ensure steel toe capped boots are worn on both days of the course.

Course Details

On completion of the course you will be able to:

  • Mount and dismount safely
  • Understand the purpose and meaning of the instrumentation
  • Understand the function of all controls
  • Understand the hazards associated with using controls
  • Understand the reasons for daily checks
  • Start and stop the engine in a safe manner
  • Be competent in driving a tractor in a forward and reverse direction
  • Leave the tractor in a safe state
  • Understand reasons for daily checks
  • Competently perform checking of the lubrication, cooling and air intake of the engine, perform basic lubrication of the tractor and ensure the tractor is in a safe road going state
  • Attach a mounted implement and manoeuvre in a forward and reverse direction with a mounted implement
  • Attach a trailed implement and manoeuvre in a forward and reverse direction with a trailed implement
  • Leave unattached implements in a safe state

Course sessions:

  • Health and safety legislation
  • Controls
  • Pre-start checks
  • Operation the tractor
  • Manoeuvring
  • Mounted implements
  • Trailed machines

Please note the following details:

  1. Bring a pen and paper if you wish to take notes.
  2. Wear suitable clothing for outside activities, protective steel toe capped footwear must be worn and gloves.
  3. Please bring with you your own lunch and cold beverages

Course Assessment Method

At the end of the course you will be awarded a Lantra certificate of attendance