A day in the life of a 1st year Agriculture student

Hi, my name is Jess and I’m in my 1st year of studying BSc (Hons) Agriculture at the RAU. This is what I get up to during my day.

A typical day includes waking up at 6am and getting to the gym for 6.15am. There's a free gym on campus for students which is so helpful for us.

I tend to leave the gym at around 7.15-7.30 am, come back home to my room and make myself some breakfast. I'm self-catered and it's usually a warm and hearty porridge. I then have some free time as lectures start at around 9am on a Monday, so I make my to do list for that day and start getting to work.

At 9am I have a two-hour lecture until 11am, and then a break until 1pm where I make myself lunch. At 1pm we are either in the laboratories for two hours doing some practical work or we do a walk around one of the University farms and do some practical work out in the field. I then have a second lecture from 3pm – 5pm, and then that's my contact hours for the day over.

Once I get back home I usually make myself a cup of tea and start dinner. It's nice being self-catered as there are shops such as Aldi only five minutes away from the University. The kitchen is also a nice space to have a catch up with my flat mates and so I will usually spend a bit of time in there. Once I am finished with dinner I crack straight on with work, and then there is training for the sports teams at 6pm or 7pm, so I go to netball training on a Monday. On a Tuesday there is also Salsa dancing on campus and that is always fun. In the evenings there is usually some sort of social or club going on, so lots of opportunities for a laugh or a good time with friends.

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