Lucy Gurney (Saunders)

My RAU experience

I chose this course because it was important for me to study something I have a genuine interest in. I wanted to fuse my love of equestrianism (racing in particular) and agriculture with business knowledge to increase my earning potential. This course, unlike many others I looked at, met those needs exactly.

What I gained from the RAU

The study trips to Kentucky and Europe were once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to see behind the scenes at leading events and organisations in the sector, combined with domestic visits, and opportunities to make contacts within organisations such as Weatherbys, Manton Estates and KBIS.

The placement provided experience and opportunities for me and a number of my classmates to gain an advantage in a competitive graduate employment market. It led to a job offer after graduation to work at the Jockey Club Estates in Newmarket.  I simply would not have gained this first job had I not been able to gain experience and prove myself during the placement element of the course.

I have since found fulfilling roles in the racing industry, including for Weatherbys, and gained a Diploma in Professional Marketing and Leadership and Management qualification along the way. I am now a Community Engagement Manager at Racing Together, which means I coordinate and communicate racing’s social responsibility activity, working alongside industry stakeholders.

Racing Together is a growing industry initiative which exists to support racing’s community engagement activity, through volunteering, fundraising, and education, health and wellbeing initiatives taking place across the sport.

I had a fantastic time at the RAU and made some life-long friends, I still miss the lifestyle now!