Tatenda Mazorodze

Why did you chose to study this course at the RAU?​

Because I want to pursue a career in farming, mainly managing a commercial farm.

What is the best part about this course for you? 

The best part of it is that the lectures we get are not just theory-based lessons, but we go out on field trips to different farms and actually get to apply our knowledge. The course is designed to make you visualise yourself having your own farm to manage. This helps you understand what you have to know and the task at hand much better.

What are you enjoying the most about studying at the RAU?

I am mostly enjoying the social part of it. There are so many different people from different parts of the world that make up our friendly student body. Everyone is very friendly, and it is a small community so it is peaceful and the lecturers get to know you by name, which goes a long way.

What would you say to a prospective student thinking about choosing your course at the RAU?

If you are looking into becoming a full-time farmer, this course teaches you everything you need to know about that path, and it prepares you from the very beginning to start thinking like a farmer. You develop the appropriate mindset of how you would like to manage your projects and prepares you for the decisions you will have to make.