Transcript of FdSc Equine Management video

The main reasons to choose the Foundation Degree in Equine Management is really the blend of science, business and practical horse experience. This is a two year full-time course and it's designed to blend both the scientific aspects of equine anatomy, equine veterinary science, equine health, with business, so giving you some ideas of how to run a manage a business; looking at things like accounts and marketing and then also the really practical aspect of equine management, so how to look after a horse, how to manage a yard or equestrian facility, to give them the full package of somebody who can work practically within the equine industry.

The course is aligned with the British Horse Society Stage Three Groom Certificate, so students that are on this course will receive teaching in all of the areas that they need in order to be able to take this British Horse Society qualification. Students on this course will be completing weekly practical duties at our Fossehill Equestrian Centre. This is a real life livery yard and equestrian centre, so they will have the opportunity to put into practice everything that they have learned about practical horse management, about dealing with customers and clients, and to see how a real life equine business runs day to day. I myself started my own equestrian business at the age of 22. I ran a livery yard for several years and I really want to be able to pass on some of the knowledge that I've developed over the years to our students, to best prepare them for working in the industry.