RAU signs up to new scheme to ensure quality of international teaching

03 Sep 2021

The RAU is delighted to announce that it is one of the first UK universities to have signed up to a new scheme from the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA).

Commissioned by Universities UK and GuildHE as a voluntary exercise to demonstrate the commitment of UK higher education to deliver high quality trans national education (TNE) experiences for students, the Quality Evaluation and Enhancement of UK Transnational Higher Education Provision (QE-TNE) scheme relates to benchmarking and assuring the quality and standards of international teaching provision by UK universities.

It emphasises a UK-wide approach to the quality evaluation and enhancement of TNE and the vision for QE-TNE is for UK trans national education to be recognised worldwide as providing education of the highest quality, an outstanding student experience, added value and enhanced outcomes.

RAU Deputy Vice-Chancellor Neil Ravenscroft said: “There has been a lot of variable practice in the HE sector and those signing up to the QE-TNE scheme are making a public statement that they are committed to driving up the quality and standards of their international education provision.

“For the RAU, this is a clear demonstration of our commitment to the quality enhancement of TNE.

We look forward to working with the QAA to enhance our TNE provision and to further strengthening the reputation of the RAU as a provider of quality international HE teaching.”

TNE offers students worldwide the chance to access UK degrees closer to where they live and is an important component of UK degree-awarding providers’ global engagement. In 2019-20, 156 providers had students on TNE programmes, accounting for 453,390 students studying for UK awards through transnational provision, including through open and distance learning.

More than 70 universities from across the UK have now signed up to the scheme with more registering each day. UK support for the scheme is being matched in host countries with quality and regulatory bodies in Egypt, Germany and United Arab Emirates (2021-22), and China, Saudi Arabia and Sri Lanka (2022-23) involved in planning for the QAA visits.