Royal Agricultural University to screen ground-breaking new documentary

18 March 2024

The Royal Agricultural University (RAU) is proud to be one of the first universities in the country to screen Six Inches of Soil, a British independent feature documentary shining a spotlight on soil health and regenerative farming.

The film, which follows three new farmers on the first year of their regenerative journey, is an inspiring story of British farmers standing up against the industrial food system and transforming the way they produce food - to heal the soil, benefit our health, and provide for local communities.

The screening, which is open to the public, has been organised by second year RAU students Immie Jones and Laura Finch, who are both studying for a BSc in Environment, Food and Society at the Cirencester-based university.

Laura said: “Immie and I wanted to organise this film event at the RAU because we are passionate about the transformative potential of agroecology in developing the knowledge and understanding to inspire change.

“The RAU is leading a culture of change in food and farming and this event will give people the opportunity to engage with much needed inspiration and discussion as to how we can create a regenerative future.”

Six Inches of Soil will be screened in the University’s Boutflour Hall on the evening of Friday 19th April and will be followed by a question-and-answer session with a panel including the film’s producer.

Immie added: “We are so proud to be hosting this screening and to share the positive messages in the film to help shift UK food and farming towards more nature friendly practices within a more resilient system, told through the story of the next generation of farmers.

"We are also really looking forward to seeing the ideas and thoughts that come from the discussions in the question-and-answer session that will follow the screening.”

The RAU event starts at 5.30pm for refreshments before a welcome and introduction from producer Claire Mackenzie and RAU Professor in Agriculture Nicola Cannon. The screening itself will start at 7.10pm and finish at 8.45pm.

The question-and-answer discussion panellists will be:

    • Professor Tom MacMillan - Elizabeth Creak Chair in Rural Policy and Strategy at the RAU
    • Jenny Phelps MBE – the Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group
    • Ed Horton - local farmer, RAU alumnus and Farmers Guardian 2023 Arable Farmer of the Year 
    • Claire Mackenzie – Six Inches of Soil producer
    • Tom Herbert – The Long Table & Hobbs House Bakery

The RAU is screening the film on the same evening as the University of Wales is hosting a screening at its Lampeter Campus – the first two universities in the UK to show the film. The RAU’s screening also coincides with the University’s inaugural Go Green Week which is taking place between 15th and 20th April.

Senior lecturer in Sustainable Land Management Jonathan Code, who leads the RAU’s Environment, Food and Society programme and is launching a new Masters in Agroecology at the University, is delighted that Immie and Laura’s idea of showing this important film at the RAU is coming to fruition.

He said: “At the intersection of environment, food, and society is the soil. We will struggle to make any progress whatsoever in moderating the impact of climate extremes, in developing resilient food ecosystems, or in providing a long-term foundation for our societies, if we don’t take care of our soils.

“Understanding how regenerative and agroecological farming methods can contribute to the restoration and care of healthy soil is a pressing need of our time.

“I’m sure that the film screening of Six Inches of Soil, and the panel discussion that follows, will provide a very timely focus on this most precious of our essential resources.”

If you would like to attend the RAU screening of Six Inches of Soil, tickets are available from Eventbrite and cost £10 each. 

To find out more about the RAU’s exciting new MSc in Agroecology, please visit the RAU website.