Rural Entrepreneurial Leaders Network launches webinar series for rural professionals across the globe

25 Apr 2019

Entrepreneurial leaders are important to all industry sectors but particularly within the rural community. The Rural Entrepreneurial Leaders Network (RELN), led by the School of Business and Entrepreneurship at the RAU, is designed to facilitate active exchange between functioning participants within the rural economy. These will include rural advisers, entrepreneurial farmers and landowners, small business owners and enterprising individuals from communities across the world.

Dr David Bozward, Head of the School of Business and Entrepreneurship at the RAU, said: “Through the use of open access blogs, events and online interactive sessions we hope to stimulate knowledge acquisition and discussion on key topics of interest to rural professionals and budding entrepreneurs, raising questions and sharing insights.”

He added: “The rural economy faces many challenges but it also has a lot to offer, from leading sustainable economic development to public service provision through social enterprise. With an aging population in rural areas across the globe, we are looking to support entrepreneurial leaders of the rural economy who are showing the way forward and aim to make a difference.”

The webinars are a twice monthly online seminar series building on the University’s commitment to engagement with people in the place they are located. The aim is to focus on how policy, research and knowledge informs rural businesses. This year’s programme is led by the academic team from RAU and members of Farm 491 Innovation Incubation Hub.