Shepherding prepared me for Farmers Apprentice challenge

25 Jul 2018

RAU student Tayla Harding reveals that working as a shepherd gave her the confidence and skills to qualify for this year’s Farmers Apprentice competition.

Tayla, who studies Applied Farm Management, is one of ten people to make it through to the finals of the Farmers Weekly’s annual challenge.

The contestants are put through their paces with various agriculture and land-based tasks with a winner announced in the autumn.

Tayla, 19, from Northamptonshire, explained: “I wrote about working with the sheep flock at my college and also about working with the sheep flock and calves on the Royal Agricultural University farm where I am completing my work placement for the second year of my degree.

“I had to complete a one minute video for the application. This was me explaining the qualities I think I possess which would help me in the competition and why I think I would be suitable.

“So I wrote about being organised, loving to both physically and mentally challenge myself, how I am very competitive and how I’d be able to work with and also compete against the other competitors.



“Working with such a variety of people who have a wealth of experience will help me further my understanding of the agricultural sector both academically and physically.

“A selling task is something I’d hope for, as I love persuading people to buy things - I think I’ve got a way with words – a trait that comes from my father who’s the most articulate person you could ever meet.

“Succeeding in this competition would be a true accolade but even if I don’t win, it will still be an amazing and rewarding experience which I will never forget.

“I know it will help me in every aspect of my career within the agricultural sector. Another reason for me wanting to succeed is because of my own personal pride.

“I have spent my entire life always pushing myself academically to get the absolute best out of myself and become the best person I can be. So succeeding in the competition would not only show that all of the hard work I have put in over the years has paid off, but also make my parents proud.

“They have always gone above and beyond for me and the person I am is a true credit to the both of them.”

The winner of the competition will be announced by Farmers Weekly this autumn.

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