Enter the world of biodynamic agriculture

21 Jan 2021

For the first time, the International Conference on Biodynamic Research is being held in English, in England at the Royal Agricultural University (RAU) in Cirencester.

The RAU is delighted to play host to a truly international line-up of guest speakers and participants from across the globe at a four-day event to be held between Monday 30 August and Thursday 2 September this year.

With an increased appetite for eating high quality food, growing crops, and raising livestock in collaboration with nature, drinking natural wines and supporting the soil and the environment, biodynamic farming, the world’s oldest system of organic growing established in the 1920’s is on the rise.

Centred around the theme ‘Growing Beyond Resilience’ the Conference will offer participants including the RAU’s own students a unique opportunity to join academics, scholars, PhD students, graduate students, farmer-researchers, and action researchers from around the world to better understand new approaches to creating a transformative culture and working that addresses a broad variety of pressing challenges, such as climate change, biodiversity loss, soil infertility and human ill-health.

Professor Neil Ravenscroft, Pro Vice-Chancellor (International) at RAU said: “Following the highly successful inaugural conference in Switzerland two years ago, we are thrilled to host this year’s conference which promises to offer delegates a truly global perspective on the oldest ‘green’ farming movement in relation to food quality, nutrition, health, soil and plants.“

Save the date!

The four-day conference is being held between the Monday 30 August and Thursday 2 September 2021.