Dr Stephen Chadd


Senior Lecturer in Agri-food Business.


 University positions

  • Dean of the School of Agriculture  2010 - 2014
  • Assistant and Deputy Dean 2005-2010
  • Membership of senior management committees
  • Former Staff Governor
  • Senior Academic Consultant


Consultancy and other academic activity

  • PhD supervision and external examining.
  • Extensive programme and curriculum development.
  • Academic Institutional Review panel work and Developmental Engagement
  • International lecture tours – pig nutrition science (Brazil, USA, Canada)
  • International conference presentations
  • DEFRA contract – pig welfare – transport methodology study with University of Bristol
  • Vice-President, European Association of Animal Production (EAAP) -Pig Commission – annual chairing of sessions / conference organisation responsibility and paper contribution.
  • Barbados – commercial pig production consultancy (British Council funded).
  • Course Director – Iraqi Feed Industry Personnel Professional Training with FAO and International Feed Industry Federation (IFIF 2006)
  • Invited paper for FAO conference “Future Trends and Development in Poultry nutrition. Bangkok, 2007.
  • UNESCO consultancy in Libya (2005) development of agricultural course and curriculum content.
  • UNESCO consultancy in Nigeria (2008) development of agricultural course and curriculum content.
  • Consultancy in Mozambique (2009) African Century Company funded- improving the commercial efficiency of broiler production investment operations. 
  • Expert witness work


  • Qingdao Agricultural University programmes,
  • Shandong  Agricultural University programmes.

Teaching subjects

  • Principal Lecturer in livestock science and production
  • Subject specialisms in science–nutrition, performance physiology  
  • Species production specialisms – pigs and poultry
  • Human nutrition, health and society 


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