Jonathan M Code


Senior Lecturer in Sustainable Land Management.


I joined the RAU as a Lecturer in Sustainable Land Management in August 2020. I bring to the role over three decades of study, work and engagement in the fields of education, environmental studies & ecology, sustainable and regenerative agriculture. 

My work in education includes extensive experience teaching in FE and HE both in the UK and internationally. My particular interest is in integrative and trans-disciplinary approaches to education and the role that these can play in the contemporary educational 'landscape'. My commitment to integrative education has deepened over two-decades of designing and delivering courses, workshops, and conferences for teachers, agricultural apprentices, master's students and for the public. 

Alongside my interest in education I have - ever since first encountering the joys of hand-weeding on an organic farm in the wilds of New Brunswick almost 30 years ago -  been engaged with agriculture. I have a particular interest in the interface between agriculture and ecology, between society and the environment, between people and place. I have developed and deepened these interests over the last decade through engagements in China, South Africa, North America and Scandinavia. 

I am currently completing my doctoral studies at the University of Bath. 


  • Philosophy of education
  • Integrative education
  • Environmental education
  • Agroecology
  • Regenerative agriculture 
  • History and philosophy of science


Module leader 

  • Contemporary Issues in Rural Land Management (3005)
  • Contemporary Issues in Property and Society (3026 )
  • Small Scale Farming and Local Food Supply (4203)
  • Making Sense of a Changing World (4402)
  • Fundamentals of Land and Property (1320)
  • Changes in the Countryside (OIFY5)


  • Forestry, Land and Resources (2335)
  • Environmental and Woodland Management (4029)
  • Poverty and Food Security (4201)


Academic peer reviewed articles  

  • Considering Waldorf Education’s contributions to global citizenship education: a study arising from an International Education research context.  Steiner Studies 1:1 (2020).  
  • Ecoliteracy and the Trouble with Reading: Ecoliteracy Considered in Terms of Goethe’s ‘delicate Empiricism’ and the Potential for Reading in the Book of Nature. Environmental Education Research 25.8 (2019): 1-14.  
  • Innovations in Agroecology Education: From Bicycles to Blended Learning. Journal of Education 197.3 (2017): 34-45.  
  • Thinking Like A Plant. Paper given at the IPCUK conference Sept 2015. Submitted for publication of conference contributions to Coventry University (CAWR).  
  • The Art of Knowing: Epistemological Implications for a Schooling of the Imagination. RoSE Online journal 2:1 (2011)   

Books and book chapters 

  • Crafting: Transforming Materials and the Maker – Radically Redefining Learning (2019). Book editor and co-author. HandsOn Press, Stroud UK.  
  • Alternative Agriculture (book chapter). Routledge Handbook of Landscape and Food. (2018): 127-139 
  • Muck and Mind: Encountering Biodynamic Agriculture (2014) MA: Lindisfarne Press