Professor Duncan Westbury


Professor Duncan Westbury joined the Royal Agricultural University in September 2023 after over 12 years at the University of Worcester and nearly 10 years at the University of Reading. He has a very strong background in applying ecological principles to habitat creation and management, with specific research experience on the management of agroecosystems to support biodiversity whilst simultaneously supporting ecosystem services within agricultural landscapes.

Duncan has been a lead plant ecologist on several Defra-funded agro-ecology projects investigating methods of promoting biodiversity in arable and grassland habitats. He is currently a project partner on SHOWCASE, which aims to deliver new insights and innovative tools facilitating the transition of the agricultural sector towards more sustainable farming. He is also an advisor on RSPB’s internationally acclaimed ‘Operation Turtle Dove’.


Current research interests address the increasing concerns about environmental change and the degradation and loss of ecosystem services.

Research conducted by Professor Westbury in commercial fruit orchards has contributed to the universal goal of producing more food sustainably.

Duncan has investigated how production can be sustainably enhanced in different crop types including dessert apples, sweet cherry, and sweet orange, delivering recommendations to growers that are now being implemented. A new study will investigate the ecological intensification of UK vineyards to enhance their sustainability.

Key research areas include:

  • Enhancing pest regulation and pollination services in commercial fruit crops.
  • The delivery of ecosystem services in agricultural landscapes.
  • Habitat restoration, creation and management.


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