Farms that we learn from

Benefit from practical learning space right on your doorstep.


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There are a number of farms located near the campus which provide our students with an ideal field laboratory.

More than 100 agricultural businesses generously allow us and our students to learn from their activities and experiences.

We continue to develop strategic partnerships with local and regional farming enterprises, providing our students with an enhanced range of up-to-date best practice farming operations off-site.

Nearby Coates Manor Farm and Kemble Farm offer a variety of different farming systems and our new partnership with the Bathhurst Estate will provide invaluable real-world experience to students on all of the University’s courses – including agriculture, business, the environment, real estate, rural land management, equine and the new cultural heritage programmes. We also offer an equestrian centre with stabling and livery facilities at our Fossehill Farm.

All the farms are run on a commercial basis and our students benefit through access to their physical and financial data, which enables them to understand all aspects of farm management.

The mix of enterprises include cattle, sheep, horses and arable. Students also have access to dairy farms. These various enterprises are used for farm classes, demonstrations and projects as well as a focus for research. Current projects include an investigation into reduced cultivation and improvements in soil organic matter and fertility. Field and plot trials are untertaken on the farms by commercial companies on an ongoing basis and the farms provide several demonstration and trial areas.

These farms are part of the Higher-Level Stewardship Scheme and are committed to enhancing the environmental value of their holdings.

Bathurst Estate

Our partnership with Gloucestershire’s Bathurst Estate will provide students and staff with access to 15,000 acres of farmland, forestry, environmentally managed land, real estate, heritage properties and a range of rural enterprises for teaching, research and knowledge exchange.



Coates Manor Farm

Coates Manor Farm is within walking distance of the campus and is predominantly arable cropped, with some pasture land supporting the equine activity.

We currently grow feed and milling wheat, oilseed rape and spring malting barley. 

Fossehill Farm

Fossehill Farm is adjacent to Coates and provides livery stabling for students and associated exercise facilities. The stabling is set out over eight barns and features a 1,000m all-weather exercise track and an outdoor arena.

Kemble Farms Ltd

This large dairy complex, just half a mile from the main campus, provides outstanding opportunities for our students, allowing access to observe the commercial management of a high-yielding, all-year-round calving dairy unit.

Leaze Farm

To provide a contrast, students have access to this 300-cow autumn block calving herd utilising a grass-based system.

Additionally, the University uses numerous farms, estates and businesses, both locally and further afield, for visits and practical exercises such as  Miserden Estate and Guiting Power Estate